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What does RLS do?

  • We train and coach individuals and organizations how to build and lead resilient teams through our training program.

  • Army and Air Force active duty military receive fully funded training and certification at NO COST. Click here for more information.

  • We provide a concierge service and will walk our clients through the process from start to finish.  We ensure you are prepared for and PASS your RBLP certification exam. 

  • Email us TODAY to get started earning your building and leading resilient teams and earn your RBLP certification. Click here.

What are the benefits of professional certification?

Improved opportunities for employability and advancement.

Greater confidence in your professional competence.

Increased autonomy in the workplace.

Increased professional trust from employers and the public.

Increased recognition by peers and respect of colleagues in the profession.

Better compensation and career longevity.

Read more about the Value of a Certification by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence.

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Resilience-Building Leadership Professional Exam Preparation

As an authorized training partner of the Resilience-Building Leader Program, we offer virtual or in-person training for individuals or corporate groups.  We provide exam preparation training for all three RBLP certifications levels.   As a premier concierge service, we walk our clients through every step of the process.  We will guide you through the examination training, the exam application process, and assist you with scheduling the exam.  Click on the button below for more informaton and exam requirements.  Let's Face the Storm and start building collectively resilient teams today!


Resilience-Building Leadership Professional™ (RBLP™) is for Front-Line Supervisors

Organizations need front-line supervisors that can build resilient teams. Building resilient teams that can work together to overcome adversity in a challenging environment is a core competency for leaders at all levels. Resilient teams are stronger together and they make organizational learning and change possible.


Resilience-Building Leadership Professional™ Coach (RBLP™-C) is for Middle Managers

Organizations need middle managers that can build resilient teams and facilitate team learning. Demands for process improvement and innovation are commonplace. Adapting to change means that teams must learn new policies, processes, and procedures. Facilitating team learning is essential for problem-solving.


Resilience-Building Leadership Professional™ Trainer (RBLP™-T) is for Senior Leaders

Organizations need senior leaders that can build resilient teams, facilitate team learning, and support organizational learning. Organizations stay competitive by growing their capabilities. Both organizational learning and change are hard to do. Supporting organizational learning makes change possible and enables competitive advantage.


  • Click the "Contact Us Now" button below and send us an email if you're ready to get started!


  • Complete payment for Building and Leading Resilient Teams Training Program.


  • Start and Complete the Building and Leading Resilient Teams Training Program.


  • Once complete you're now eligible to apply for the RBLP Certification.

  • Click the button below to learn more about certification eligibility.

Learn More

Many employers reimburse their employees for approved continuing education and leadership certifications like RBLP.  Reach out to your employer TODAY and receive this training at no cost to you.



"This was a very fulfilling professional development program that I would recommend to anyone who is filling supervisory, middle management, and senior management roles."

David S. Dacorro


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