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Resilient Leadership Solutions (RLS) is on a mission to inspire leaders to build and cultivate healthy and resilient teams. We are an accredited training partner for the Resilience-Building Leadership Professional (RBLP) certification exams. We are here to assist you with the exam prep and training for RBLP certifications as well as create customized trainings for your organization. If you are interested in completing our training program and/or earning your RBLP certification please contact us today.


In this video RLS owner, Luke Freshwater, sits down with Belinda Aramide, Chief Brand Officer for RBLP, to discuss the importance of resilience in the workplace. 

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Owner and Founder

Luke Freshwater is a proud husband and father.  He was honored to serve a total of 11 years in the United States Army.  Four years of that was spent on active duty as a leader within an elite Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit, better known as the bomb squad, supporting Special Forces.  During his time in the service he completed one tour to Eastern Afghanistan as a platoon leader.  

Luke is passionate about resilience and building resilient individuals, teams, and families.  He not only believes in it, but strives to live it every day.  Whether it be leading bomb squad teams in Afghanistan, fighting forest fires in Idaho, leading sales teams, owning and operating a small business, or raising five children; he believes resiliency is pivotal to long term success and happiness.  He is on a mission to inspire leaders to build resilient teams across the globe.

Just like the bison, we must choose to face the storm when challenges confront us as individuals, teams, and organizations.  Into the Storm we go!

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Meet the Team

We are proud to have a team of highly qualified instructors and leaders with diverse backgrounds.  Each individual has extensive experience building and leading teams and brings a high degree of passion and knowledge.

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